What we do

Ironbound USA is a movement. Brands have value and people buy brands. We help students recognize that they are a brand, they have a responsibility to protect their brand and we help students develop the skills to build and grow their brand.  Our mission is simple “Build your skills. Build your brand. Build your future.”

The Ironbound Boxing Academy is more than boxing.  We use boxing as a vehicle to help build better people.  A friend of Ironbound commented that maybe we will get a world champion boxer from the Academy and we responded back that we would prefer to have a Nobel Laureate from the Ironbound Boxing Academy.    


What we do and Who we are.



Mike Steadman is a 2010 graduate of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. While at the Naval Academy, Mike was introduced to the sport of boxing. As a member of the Navy Boxing Team, Mike won Three National Championships as light-heavyweight.  



Gary Bloore is the founder of Ironbound USA and Paint for Pink. The Ironbound Boxing Academy is an important component of the Ironbound USA organization.  Ironbound USA’s mission is to “Build your skills, Build your Brand. Build your future”.



Israel is the first Ironbound Boxing Academy Team Captain. A recent graduate of St. Benedict’s Prep in Newark, NJ Israel is going to Montclair State College.  


Newark, NJ

“I love coming to the Boxing Academy.  It is is the coolest place on earth. .”


Newark, NJ

“After seeing some pictures of the Academy on instagram I contacted Mr. Steadman and he invited me to join the Academy. My friend Michael and I take the bus 45 minutes each way to train.  It is worth all the effort. .”

Mike Steadman

Mike's relationships with his coach and teammates solidified his love for sport, creating an eternal bond for the sweet science. Upon graduation, he accepted a commission as an officer in the United States Marines. As Infantry Officer in the Marines, he deployed to Afghanistan, Japan, and the Philippines. In April of 2015, Mike left five active duty, relocating to Newark to accept a directorship position at St. Benedict’s Preparatory School.

All high school juniors at St. Benedict's are enrolled in Ironbound USA's I-PASS program (professional and social skills). This is where Mike and Gary met. Mike and Gary's philosophy and beliefs on how to best prepare high school students to comptete for 21st century jobs was very similar. After knowing each other for just over a year in September of 2016, the two partnered up to launch Ironbound Boxing Academy under the umbrella of Ironbound USA.

Gary Bloore

Gary is a 25 year veteran of both domestic and international business. He is using his background and business skills to help lead and guide Ironbound USA. "The Ironbound movement was a dream I had over 15 years ago. Today we have educational programs operating in Newark high schools and now with the Ironbound Boxing Academy and soon to be Ironbound Educational Facility will be able to reach significantly more kids. It is an honor to help lead and guide this special movement." Gary earned a B.S. from the University of Southern California and an M.B.A. from New York University.

He has traveled extensively flying over 2 million miles visiting and conducting business in North America, Europe and Asia. During these travels meeting, talking and eating meals with many different people the foundational Ironbound USA belief in and philosophy of "the power of commonalities" was developed. The 3 Steps To POWER 1. Be open to learning & learn from everything; 2. Believe we have more in common than we have differences; 3. Combine learning with commonalities to create new and better solutions.

Isreal L

Israel is one of the boxers featured in the documentary about Ironbound Boxing Academy by the Newest Americans.

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Who we are